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Our Protection Packages now feature the GTECHNIQ line of protective coatings, coatings that simply outshine and outlast the competition. 

The Auto Protectors mission, since 1983, has always been to provide the very best in NEW VEHICLE PROTECTION, that is why we are constantly searching for new ways to improve all of our services. Now, as Calgary's only GTECHNIQ Accredited Detailer, our Protection Packages far surpass those of dealerships in both surface protection and long term visual impact. 



This has traditionally been our most popular package. It is similar to what the dealerships offers, as far as area's covered, but uses products that dealerships do not have access to.

Because the Diamond package includes Undercoating and Rustproofing, it is designed for Trucks, SUV's, Mid to Full size cars (excluding luxury brands that do not require undercoat or rustproof).

Our Diamond PROTECTION PACKAGE includes:

  • PAINT PROTECTION - GTECHNIQ - EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating 
  • INTERIOR PROTECTION - GTECHNIQ - Antibacterial Fabric and Leather Guard
  • UNDERCOAT - Solvent based, rubberized undercoat 
  • RUSTPROOF - Wax based, penetrating gel 

The Auto Protectors Diamond Protection is $799 for cars, and $899 for SUV's and Trucks. That is a savings of nearly $350!



Platinum offers a scientifically tested, nano-based system of protective treatments, which outperform anything else available.

The Platinum Package can be applied to any vehicle, regardless of make or model, but is aimed at those vehicles that do not require undercoat or rustproof.

What's protected?



Paint Protection

Choosing Platinum gives a car a ceramic shield, helping to maintain its high-gloss showroom finish for years to come.

Paint withoutPaint with

Unlike other coatings, Platinum forms a chemical bond with a car’s paintwork, so it becomes the functional surface of the car. Crystal Coat, the Platinum paint protection, gives unrivalled UV and dirt repellency, keeps swirl marks at bay and makes all cars a dream to maintain.


Interior Protection

Platinum offers protection for leather and fabric, and with added BioCote® antimicrobial technology microbes are reduced by up to 99.99%. This makes the surface of a car more hygienic and defends it against degradation, odours and staining.


On top of the antibacterial BioCote® benefits Gtechniq Platinum leather protection will reduce wear on leather and make dye transfer from clothing easier to remove. Fabric – including carpet – soiling can be reduced dramatically as with Platinum protection liquids will roll off the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

fabric withoutfabric with


Glass Protection

As part of the Platinum system, all external windows are treated with a hydrophobic coating which is durable, optically clear and easy-to-clean. Rainwater is repelled from the windows improving visibility in wet weather and inevitably making driving safer.

glass withoutglass with


Wheel Protection

Platinum wheel protection makes wheels dirt and brake dust repellent, as well as easier to clean. The coating also gives wheels an active resistance to stains and contamination.


The Auto Protectors Platinum Protection is $939 for cars, and $1079 for SUV's and Trucks. That is a savings of over $400



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