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Discover another level of Auto Detailing

The Auto Protectors is Calgary’s premier Automotive protection and detailing shop. Our unrivaled experience and passion means nothing we do to your car is simple. Whether your car needs a hand wash and wax or a carpet shampoo and 3 stage power polish, everything is performed by trained, dedicated professionals, using the industries top products.

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Durability - Safety - Clarity

Untreated windshield glass is not smooth. When viewed microscopically you actually see peaks and valleys. These peaks and valleys create a surface similar to sandpaper. This jagged edge surface connects better with flying road debris which then imparts more force to the glass and causes pitting, chipping and cracking.

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Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings - the cornerstone of their success.

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GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coatings

Calgary Vehicle Ceramic Paint Coatings

Your vehicles appearance, and value, rely heavily on your paint and its ability to keep its shine, smoothness and strength. The Auto Protectors range of GTECHNIC Ceramic Paint Coatings go far beyond traditional waxes and sealants. 

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Interior Care

Calgary Vehicle Interior Care

While it's great to see your vehicles paint glisten, it's the interior you spend most of your time looking at. The Auto Protectors Fabric Guard and Leather Guard will keep the inside of your vehicle looking as good as the outside.

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Paint Protection Film


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Protection Package

The Auto Protectors New Vehicle Protection Package

You’ve just purchased your brand new vehicle, and want to keep it new for as long as possible. The paint is pristine, the undercarriage untouched, the interior flawless. Protect your vehicle inside and out, and it will hold its value longer.

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Vehicle Rustproofing in Calgary

Serious rust problems rarely start on the outside of your vehicle. They start inside, where moisture and salt collect. That is why The Auto Protectors rustproofing coats the inside of every accessible panel to prevent rust from ever forming.

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Vehicle Undercoating in Calgary

The underside of your vehicle is constantly exposed to gravel, salt, sand and other debris that is found on our roads. The Auto Protectors Undercoat will not only provide permanent protection, but proven sound deadening as well.

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